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Florian Dezfoulian

Using Space as a canvas

Florian Dezfoulian



March 31, 2022

Florian is the creator of the production company Låt det regna. With a background in design and advertising, he has proven that you don't have to work with the same thing your entire life.
Directing & Production


Florian is a man of many talents. Having his start in advertising and design, a new interest emerged in Florians life and his love for film became an urge that was hard to shake off. In the start of the pandemic, Florian came into the conclusion of starting a production company ”Regna”, an homage to the small town in the municipality of Finspång. However, throughout its short existance, Regna has created ads for household names such as New Balance, KLM & Truecaller.

The space race

Since joining Värmeverket, Florian has utilized Värmeverket as his blank canvas and has created viddeos for brands alike artists. For him, it has served him well being a large open space with endless possibilities.